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# Posted: 6 Jan 2020 16:06 - Edited by: Nobadays

Ok.... this thing is a joke to look at but.... Many of you know I'm a one armed guy, so lifting and pouring from 5 gallon fuel cans is next to impossible, especially if I don't want to spill it all over me, the thing I'm fueling and the ground. Don't even get me started on the "new safety nozzles " that take three hands to get to pour.... when they actually work.

So searching around for a fuel transfer pump and of course the farm/construction types are great but horribly expensive. I just want to get gas out of 5 gallon cans. Ran across this unit on Amazon, here It is rated to use with gasoline, most small pumps are not. This one uses 2 AA batteries and I would have to say it comes pretty close to pumping the 2.5gpm it is advertised to do. And... made in Korea rather than "that other" Asian country... known for really cheap crap!

So far I have transferred 20 gallons of fuel from 5 gallon containers to both my snowmobile and the generator. Don't know how it will hold up over time but I have a good feeling that it will last a few years. I did buy a piece of clear plastic tubing that fit tightly over the spout to lengthen it, it comes with a pretty short spout. That said it is long enough to fill the generator with the can sitting next to it and fill the snowmobile if I set the can on the foot board.

If you can afford a good 12vdc fuel transfer pump, go for it! If you can't, this little unit really works!
Fuel transfer pump
Fuel transfer pump

# Posted: 6 Jan 2020 16:33

nice, I can certainly imagine how trying to pour gas one armed would be difficult. Its a pain in the A$$ with 2 arms most of the time.

Thanks for the info.

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