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# Posted: 6 Jul 2020 18:36

Hi everyone, i posted a while back about some site research that was being done at my cabin and have found that a well is not a good option for us due to our cabin being located on and old mining area and water is also very deep. We're going with a cistern. i'm really only wanting running water into a septic for showers, dishes, etc., but will bring bottled water for drinking. I'm looking for someone to chime in on the order of components that i'll need. Is this correct?

Holding tank (1500 gal) into pump into small pressure tank (20 gal?) into hot water tank (or on-demand heater) into shower/sink plumbing?

# Posted: 7 Jul 2020 07:09

How are you collecting water? Rain? Truck delivery?

Out of the cistern you can plumb it just like a house. Cictern, pump, filter, pressure tank and to faucets. Hot water would Tee off from the pressure tank to a hot water heater from the pressure tank.

# Posted: 22 Jul 2020 14:51

If cold weather is a concern, factor this. I believe that Infiltrator produces the best price per gallon tank you can bury 48" deep. If you are off grid, factor lift (to an even higher degree than you would if you are on grid). I believe most off grid pumps can't get more than about 17' reliably. If on grid, you can always invest in a well pump -- but either way, investigate how you will be getting the water from the tank to the house -- rest is the same of a typical well system -- pressure tank, etc.

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