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# Posted: 9 Jul 2020 20:05

Because I had to deal with codes and while I wait in the queue for a Tesla solar system, I got a generator plug installed on my new house so I could plug in my solar system on my motorhome, it's called a generator plug...After my house has got the final inspection I can do anything I want..
Well it seems the company that my electrician decided to buy from sold him bastardized plug so you had to buy their adapter so you could run and plug in an extension cord from my motorhome inverter..
the electrician showed up here just before the electrical final with an adapter for a regular extension cord from the manufacturer for $200 and I said no thanks.. can buy them on eBay for $12.

After the electrician got the final I decided to have a look inside and I noticed that the plug is wired for 240 volts.. it has red black white and ground wire for a 3-prong ship to shore terminal inside..
I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and if so what did they do to make it 120volts with the regular common RV plug adapter? See pictures if it'll let me and thanks in advance

# Posted: 9 Jul 2020 20:35 - Edited by: ICC

There are a variety of generator plugs.

Exactly what do you want to accomplish and what generator have you got?

( a house service panel uses a 240 VAC input, which is split into two 120 VAC halves. If you only have 120 VAC from the RV, generator, or whatever you can only feed one of the two 120 VAC halves, unless you wire up something special.

Quoting: gotama1900
...anything I want
...could be hazardous to you or other people unless you are familiar with the way things work. If you are feeding power into the house from your own alternate source there must be a safeguard to prevent power from that auxiliary source from entering the utility powerlines if or when the grid goes down, but you still have power. An automatic transfer switch is normally necessary. That can be a huge safety issue for the power company linemen.

# Posted: 9 Jul 2020 22:19

what do you want to accomplish and what generator have you got?
My panel I can switch back and forth to on or off grid and the generator plug is so I can use my solar system on my motorhome like I said.. cleanest and easiest way to do it without getting in trouble with inspectors was to go the generator plug on the side of the house.. when I said I can do whatever I want I was talking about putting solar on my house without having to deal with inspectors as they won't even know I am off grid entirely.. and I know all about the suicide cable BTW..
I'm going to call my electrician tomorrow and discuss this further I just want to see if there was anything else I should know..

# Posted: 10 Jul 2020 02:46

I found an RV 30 amp female to male adapter on eBay for 30 bucks... Problem solved

# Posted: 10 Jul 2020 08:25

Yes, its called an "Inlet" plug.

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