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# Posted: 11 Sep 2020 12:47

Hi Everyone!
I'm in the process of replacing the pump, PEX, pressure tank plumbing, and filters in my water system (1500-gallon tank). Old pump room was slapped together by previous owner, and while it works, it's in shoddy condition.

Currently, the pump pulls water from tank, through a single canister filter, then to the pressure tank, then into the house.

My plan is to install a spin-down filter for large sediment, and a two-stage canister filter. What i'm wondering is where to place these filters.

One thought was to place the spin-down before the pump/pressure tank, then place the canisters right before it goes into the house for maximum odor/taste benefit.

Second thought was to keep similar set up as I have now, with spin-down and canisters all before the pump/pressure tank.

Thoughts? Experiences?

Thanks in advance!

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