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# Posted: 13 Sep 2020 12:24

I purchased a 24' x 47' cabin(12 x 24 is a veranda) with an R20 value. The plan is to expand to frame in the veranda and raise the roof to make a loft which will make the walls another 5'H w/ a vaulted ceiling. The current 24W x 35L x 8H area is heated by a Super Chalet wood stove which easily heats the cabin in the dead of winter, but I want to install a propane heater/ furnace. I have been looking at the Williams Forsaire Top Vent Counterflow furnace 65,000 BTUs as my solution since I do not want to run ducting and only the current 2 bdrms and bathroom have doors which can be vented. I had considered the Williams 30K BTU direct vent wall unit but don't think it's enough. I find it extremely annoying that for many propane heaters/ furnaces the BTU output is not used to identify the units heating capacity nor is it always easy to find. Also, the formulas used to determine heating needs seem to be confusing. What BTU output would be enough for this cabin?

# Posted: 14 Sep 2020 07:10

It's very difficult to tell the square footage your asking about. Also 60kbtu in FL or 60kbtu in AK are very different. There are online calculators for what you asking.

As for 24x35 any where that sees snow I would think 60kbtu will be a bit small. With r20 in the ceiling(?) That's not a lot of insulation.

# Posted: 15 Sep 2020 12:49

We heat our 2000sf house (average insulation, in Connecticut) with one 30KBTU direct vent propane fireplace in the living room and two 7500BTU direct vent heaters, one in each of the back bedrooms.

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