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# Posted: 6 Mar 2022 14:23

Mice are burrowing under the skirting of my foundation into the crawlspace. Can't say I blame them! Let's just say I can make some good exclusion efforts, but I don't think that'll stop them 100% due to other potential entry points not at ground level.

Would you spend the $ and make the effort doing this anyway knowing ahead of time that it likely won't work 100% and go trap-only mode instead? Or, would you do both?

# Posted: 6 Mar 2022 15:31

Both for me

# Posted: 6 Mar 2022 16:43 - Edited by: ICC

I would do my best to exclude them.

Quoting: spencerin
Mice are burrowing under the skirting

One of the most effective methods to stop that is to dig out enough soil to allow galvanized (stainless steel is best) hardware cloth to be buried horizontally under a few inches of dirt. A long "L" under the first, a short length up and behind the actual skirt. It seems most rodents are not smart enough to start their digging far enough back from the wall, the obvious thing that is blocking their access. There are exceptions, but we managed to keep rodents at bay with excellent results in that manner.

# Posted: 6 Mar 2022 17:02 - Edited by: gcrank1

We have had to trap at first to get the most active ones as well as put out bar-bait stations. That has worked well, well enough that I have not had to go to the mesh.
Was just reading today that mice dont see well and go pretty much by smell, and they dislike Peppermint.
Now if I had just been as successful with the rotten little red pine squirrels.......

# Posted: 7 Mar 2022 06:37

Do both. Lowering the outside population will keep them happy outside. I use poison blocks outside my building. Helps keep the population low.

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