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# Posted: 9 Apr 2022 21:55

Sunny, so we went for the aft. It got to 52*f there, we are just shy of buds starting to pop, bet in a week we will have a good bit of the early ones showing.
And yes, we have Bluebirds checking out the houses I put up last spring . We had nests in 2 of 3 and had 10 show up at the birdbath early fall, 4 adults and 6 kids before they migrated out. That was a special thing to see! So now some are back, we are hoping they take all 3 houses and Im going to try to get a few more tomorrow.

# Posted: 9 Apr 2022 22:40

# Posted: 10 Apr 2022 07:37

We have had the wackiest of weather from double-digit negative to double-digit positives. The birds are not having the best of times but they are tenatious !

The Turkey's and other larger foul are very very active (as expected) and many of our smaller feathered friends are returning.

I am not a birder so I don't know all the various species around but I do know what I am used to seeing and yet over the past couple of years I have seen birds not seen before (by me anyways). I also noted that last year I had no Partridges of which usually there's quite a lot of them around my place.

I imagine things will be different this year here, a few large Logging Plots have been "clear cut" wiping out a lot of habitat, so I assume that the remaining forest will see chages with the wild residents.

Gosh, Speaking of clear cut... I've seen too many of those happen with replants being done... but one of the really big ones just done is a disaster... They Cut & Stumped a fair bit, then we got a couple of big snows and then really heavy rains with heat blasts, the majority of the top soil left got washed away ! All you can see is a lot of exposed rock, there is nothing left to replant into ! It's a horrifying wasteland now... I believe that one is a 2K Cut (2000 acres in 3 sections), so pretty big.

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