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# Posted: 4 Jul 2019 12:12

Hey folks,

Thought I would post this as am observation / question. This summer is being weird and so why shouldn't the bugs go strange too. I live in a forest pretty much, primarily evergreen but mixed. Usually we get bugs, lot's of'em too but in the heat of the day they hide and are always ready for meal if you happen by.

But something NEW ! I've now noticed that in the evening and early morning when it's cool, these darned Squadrons come out and attack en-masse, it's flipping incredible to watch a cloud / misty formation move through the air towards you... I have never seen it like this before... bad yes, especially up in the deep north but not here.

Even covered & gooped with "Great Outdoors" repellent (best stuff going) and a light spray of North-49 DEET=X they are barely phased.

Other critters are also behaving oddly at various times.... not sure what to think of it, and this year I have seen more snakes "in the open sunning" than ever before... Caught a 6' long Milk Snake the other day ! Huge for one of those, let her go in a nice shady part of the bush....

# Posted: 4 Jul 2019 15:11

Brake Cleaner is your friend.

# Posted: 5 Jul 2019 03:30 - Edited by: paulz

We've had the opposite here this year, very few flying insects to speak of, so far, touch wood. What we had was ticks, lots of those. For awhile every night in the cabin either my wife or I would have one crawling on us. Not many biters though. I read somewhere that the tick medicine the dog gets makes ticks unable to bite. I was about to set off a bug bomb a week ago but they seem to have subsided.

# Posted: 5 Jul 2019 08:17

Ahhh those infernal Ticks, they are a menace tiz for sure... I always spray my pant legs with Permethrin as that is the only thing that will keep Ticks at bay. Hence why the military use it so much, it works and won't harm you.

It really depends on the temps as I see it, in the morning / evening when it's cooler they are of course more active, almost ferocious BUT in the heat & sun they hide (smart thing to do IMO).

I've noticed the Turtles (some reason there are a lot of them here) and even the snakes are being a tad odd and my normal Gang of Chipmunks have all but vanished which is really really weird as I think I've only seen 3 or 4 where every year there were dozens + in big families...

# Posted: 7 Jul 2019 08:44

I have been using permethrin spray , on my pant legs as well. also mist the deck , where we sit, in the evening. Keeps my honey bees from crawling up my pant legs, as well. Not a good place for them old243

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