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# Posted: 11 Jun 2021 15:51

My Goal:
My goal is not just to live on a countryside farm with some neighbors and a road a half-mile away from me. My goal is to live completely isolated from this society. To have a self-built log cabin in the wildness, growing my own food, and trading vegetables with the closest neighbors at least 5-10 miles away from me, just doing homesteading.

Which country:
Sadly I was born in Europe, so I cannot live in Alaska or Yukon. For this reason, Scandinavia seems to be the only option for me, because it's the only place left in Europe with wilderness ( o-reveal-europes-wilderness/ ). The nature in Sweden and Finland is also very similar to Alaska and Yukon. I decided that Sweden is the right place for me. They have a lot of human-friendly laws. In Sweden, wild camping is allowed, even on private property and in national parks. In countries like Croatia, it's even forbidden to camp on your own property, very ridiculous.

My present situation:
I quitted and sold everything. I will be "homeless" in 2 weeks. Without my pc, without Internet. I've bought a ferry ticket to Sweden for my dog, myself, and my 20 years old car. I'll go deep into the forest and do wild camping in isolation and just drive back to society once a month for picking up some food from the supermarket. I could easily build a log cabin with good isolation and a wood stove from the land in just 8-12 months. But we are no longer living in the 18th century. Every piece of land has an owner. I know I will get in trouble if I just would build a log cabin on a property that I do not own. Wild camping is not an option for winter. And I just have 3 months before It's getting cold.
actually, I would just need 1 ha of forest land with healthy big trees... Surrounded by national land to make sure that there will be nobody who's building something 800 feet away from me (imagine the forest around you is private property and you are hearing the chainsaw from the owner all day long). I was looking 2 years for a property like that but there are just these big forests with 150ha+ for sale which costs 300k to millions, which I cannot afford. Sometimes there are also little forests with 5ha for sale but they are not really off the grid. Most of the time they are also used as wood farms to gain wood for selling. So these forests have trees which are just 5-10 years old and nature looks destroyed.

I could try to find a private owner of one of these big wilderness forests in these 3 months. Maybe they are willing to sell me 1-2 ha. Do you guys have any other ideas?

# Posted: 11 Jun 2021 17:18 - Edited by: gcrank1

You may be a century or two late....though every once in a while a report of a 'hermit' somewhere surfaces.
Pretty much everything is owned by somebody, people, entities, governments, and owners typically dont like squatters. Yet I expect there are still some 'out there'.
When you live in an area you learn what is where, how it is 'controlled', who to watch out for; leave that and go to a new area and you have to learn all that all over and if you dont speak or read the language you are illiterate in the culture and everything becomes even that much harder. And there is the question of your 'status' in another country...I expect they dont like 'illegal aliens' going where ever they like and doing whatever they want.
Find a kindred spirit that loves the idea of your dream and owns some property, make a friend, maybe even work for them a while and find out if what you want to do is possible in that area. You might be able to build a shack (bunkie) and live on site for a while to get your feet under you.
Good luck!

# Posted: 11 Jun 2021 19:55 - Edited by: ICC

I'd confirm where you can and cannot camp in Sweden before heading off den/

Camping is not allowed in national parks and nature reserves, but sometimes bivouacking is allowed
The stay and the crossing of private properties, sports fields and agriculturally used surfaces (fields, tree nurseries, etc.) is not permitted
The Everyman's Right includes only non-motorized travelers, motorhomes and campers must be parked directly at the roadside or a rest area

Best of good fortune

# Posted: 11 Jun 2021 22:13

Over in the US, you just say you are homeless, you can do anything, dump trash in wood, pee and poop in streets/storm drains, needles abound...

As others have said on your plan, strange land, homeless, can be tough. They have wolves, grizzlies and lots of other big predators. Be careful, good luck.

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