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# Posted: 18 Sep 2021 01:54

Just an idea in general (not for me) -

Let's say your jurisdiction has a sq. ft. requirement such that once it's met a permit is required (e.g. 200 sq. ft.). What's to keep you from parceling off a piece of your land, "selling" it to a relative, and building 2 200 sq. ft. structures right next to each other but on separate parcels, essentially creating a 400 sq. ft. structure without a permit? I guess nothing could be shared between structures (visibly, anyway), but could it be legally done?

# Posted: 18 Sep 2021 07:54 - Edited by: Brettny

Theres usualy a setback requirement along with other things. Also the cost to survey and do that whole deal is going to far exceed the price of a permit..usualy.

Why dont you want to get a permit?

# Posted: 18 Sep 2021 08:08 - Edited by: ICC

Most of those no-permit-needed things are also worded to allow the non-permitted structure only as an accessory building. The word accessory is very important. Where I am the rule goes on to state that the non-permitted bldg would be used as a storage shed, playhouse, etc.

Not all lots can be split. Not where I am anyhow, as each parcel must be a certain minimum size to be able to support a septic system... in theory at least as a perc test must be done before a septic permit would be issued. The setback rule is not enforced here for storage buildings but there are some other restrictions.

These rules are not usually written by dummies with loopholes big enough to legally push a shed through. Most locations do not want to allow a small cheap shack to be built in among cabins and homes that cost thousands of dollars more than the cost of a TuffShed. Not saying that is right but that is the usual reality

# Posted: 18 Sep 2021 10:51

The permit in my area was a breeze, all very nice folks, freindly and all acted like they are working for me, which is the way it should be. Very helpful, the entire process took 20 minutes, this even included the planning dept stop first, then building dept. They reviews my plans and called me telling me it was approved. The plans I bought online, using some whiteout, made changes ie moved a window, went to a wider door, nothing that would really change the structure.

Final inspection was just as pleasant. I'm permitted, this was my first permit, went well and I am not looking over my shoulders.

I think small towns are friendlier, larger towns, more liberal, I think they act as if you are bothering them, wont give you help, just answer only the question you asked without lots of detail. I ran into that before.

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