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# Posted: 25 Apr 2018 18:40

Hello All, I am in the La Peche Municipality, I have a house on residential land. I'm trying to convince the municipality to give me a temporary permit to allow me to have a yurt on my land. They want examples of yurts being allowed on residential land in either this municipality, or other Quebec municipalities. I'm wondering if anyone here has any leads or information on a successful person being given a permit to have a yurt on their residentially zoned land in Quebec. Thank you.

# Posted: 25 Apr 2018 21:29

I had one in Val Des monts for 5 years. I didn’t get a permit, since this was our solution to no cabins and no trailers, but you where allowed to camp. My yurt was a portable type, so we would set in up in the spring and take it down in the fall, just like a regular tent. I did build a platform for it and it was close to the lake, no one complained. We sold the yurt about 5 years ago, but the platform is still there...... over engineered and rediculous the take apart. Ever built a round structure..... lots of screws and glue! These municipalties have strange objections to anything they have never seen before. What type of yurt are you thinking permanent? Just describe the structure as a temperory shed with a fabric roof.

# Posted: 26 Apr 2018 21:15

Chickweed, not in Quebec but in Ontario in North Frontenac there was a kerfuffle a few years back with someone fined for putting up a yurt (with insulated floor) without a permit and forced to take it down. But it led to discussion and I believe North Frontenac council is just now about to consider a proposal to allow yurts (with a floor) as accessory buildings subject to obtaining a permit only for the *deck* they stand on but otherwise OK. I think still under discussion, but i) might be an example for you, and ii) would not be surprised that the paperwork around the proposal would have done a scan of what other municipalities do. Good luck! We're monitoring since we might want to do the same in Central Frontenac sometime soon...

# Posted: 11 Sep 2020 14:38

This was from over 2 years ago but I am following now too as per Houska above. We have a property without a principle residence in South Frontenac and were hoping to build a yurt on an insulated platform/deck, but wondering what would happen if we try to do that in terms of permitting. Any updates from the contributors here? Our property is very constrained by the water and top-of-bank considerations. Cheers.

# Posted: 8 Jan 2022 12:16

Hi fish_kc79, we are also in South Frontenac and want to put up a yurt to live in. Did you have any luck finding info on permitting? From my research it seems like what houska said about north frontenac is still where that stands. I'm going to keep looking. Also, I have to admit I am curious (and excited) to hear there are some like minded folks in our hood! Maybe we can connect...

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