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# Posted: 8 Feb 2020 22:51

A few years ago I bought ten acres north west of Dunlap Tennessee. I bought it mostly because it was cheap with no specific plan in mind.
My wife suggested to put a cabin on it so the family could go there and use it. I wouldn't mind living there, but its probably too far from family. Anyway I tried to search and see whats allowed and not. It seems not many people live there so there is not much on the Internet about the place.
I would prefer a cabin on pilings to use the space under it. But was not sure if I can do that. I guess I could try to refurbish a small mobile home and put on it.
I just wanted to check and see if anyone was from the area and could give me some info.

# Posted: 9 Feb 2020 02:49

Eddy G
# Posted: 9 Feb 2020 08:40

Building on pilings is a pretty basic and common practice.
Can’t see why not.
If it isn’t a permanent residence you should fine.
Has to be a town or county official you can call and ask.
Even a sherif dept or DPW could help point you in the right direction.
Personally I try my best to keep gov out when I can but it is necessary to sleep at night knowing you done or exceeded the basics to keep big brother from knocking on the door.

# Posted: 12 Feb 2020 16:37

You will likely need a building permit which is a tax and it also alerts the assessor of property there will be a structure on the land which will increase the taxes.

Even if there is no building code in the county, you likely need an electrical inspection which will require it to be to the electric code. This is true in Polk County.

Also if you are planning off grid, there is no such thing as grey water in Tennessee. If there is pressurized water in the cabin a septic tank is required . You can use a composting toilet but you must also have a septic tank. This is a state rule and without the septic inspection no power.

In Polk County at least the septic tank and drain field cannot be on any filled land. Check before doing any site prep to save a lot of money. Septic permits are $600.

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