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# Posted: 7 Jun 2020 09:47

I'd like to buy rural land & build a tiny home somewhere in Cali, Oregon, Washington where I'll be allowed to use a composting toilet. I've asked a few cities in Cali but they said I must have either a septic system (built by a licensed company) or connected to the public sewer. Anyone know of locations on the west coast that would allow me use a composting toilet? Eventually I would like to build a septic system but at first a composting toilet will have to do.

# Posted: 7 Jun 2020 10:51 - Edited by: toyota_mdt_tech

I think you can scratch cally all together. Maybe oregon or wa.

Look on craigslist too. A website than sells large chunks on land in the area of my cabin was
I'm in WA. That site in north central WA

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