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# Posted: 6 Nov 2021 11:03

Wasn’t sure where exactly to post this. This site has been immensely helpful for me as I’ve built my cabin over this last year…and you may have seen my build thread with periodic updates.

Long story short I ended up taking a LOT of video footage….mostly it was for my wife to see the progress and document everything. Now that winter is here though and I’ve got some time actually- I’ve started compiling and editing the footage.

If anyone is interested to see how I did it and maybe get some ideas of your own: I have a playlist here:

I hope some of you kicking around building your own place can get an idea or two.

It’s a super cut of photos and edited videos to document the timeline and the hard work and incremental progress involved in building a water access property with no machinery.

The episodes start with our selection of property including first visit and will run up to the end of the year to when construction is complete.

# Posted: 7 Nov 2021 16:16

Wow, this build is absolutely incredible! I am so impressed! And love your design.

# Posted: 8 Nov 2021 13:25

Quoting: fiftyfifty
w, this build is absolutely incredible! I am so impressed! And love your design.

Well thank you 50/50! Much appreciated. It was certainly fun for me to go back and relive everything.

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