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# Posted: 18 Nov 2010 15:14

it will be a while before we completely move to our woods and our cabin in the wilderness but in the meantime..i wonder things like-how do u get enough inexspensive storage out there for the things u want to store.
we have to build a shed for storage...i suppose.
Everytime i go to the cabin-i bring more and more-slowly so hubby will not notice i am gonna move in one day.
I think we need to put some lumber in our cabin at the rafters to make a small loft and we could store alot up there-so i could haul more things there.pots,pans,cookbooks and reading books.bags of dish rags and towels and wash clothes.Gar did get a good deal on this wooden cool cabinet he hung on the wall and it has a mirror and like a medicine cabinet-so we store our tooth paste and brushes there and this and that.Little gets it placed somewhere.i haul canned foods down there as much as i can-use some and leave alot.slowly-making it where one day-we will be there cause all of our stuff is already wil be an easy move.
it is a cabin so i do know when we get our other place going in the spring-this small cabin we have built will be some good storage i suppose all in due time,things will evolve more and more toward us living out in our woods.
i would like a place to store foods safely but this takes away from the more important things like getting the land cleared and getting another place with a real inside day.each year we are slowly getting more and more done.

# Posted: 18 Nov 2010 15:59

If you frame your interior walls with 2x6 lumber instead of 2x4 you can create 5 1/2" deep shelves between the studs. This will create a lot of storage space for smaller items. Most of your canned items should fit into this space. I plan to fill most of mine with books. ving_in_a_Wall_

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