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# Posted: 14 May 2017 19:04 - Edited by: neb

This work I did today. First buried 3 10 inch posts.

Then added 3 more pole supports which will setting on cement pads.

Plywood installed.

Installed extended rafters.

Then tar papered and tinned the roof.

So it was a good day set poles, run joists, plywood deck, flying rafters and roof tinned.

In the last picture I have a temp wall/support till I move the wall and take out the window in the existing shack.

Next I will remove the plywood from the existing wall take out window and cut down studs and pretty much leave that wall in tack and move it to the outside wall. I then will build two short walls for the two sides.

It was done this way because I didn't want it all opened up for so long. I will move wall and build the other walls and get in enclosed in one day.

There will be some work to do after that but it will be dry cabin that way.

# Posted: 15 May 2017 09:14

You guys with no snow load.

It looks like you're succumbing to "2 foot itis". Now if I just had two more feet (or in your case 4? is it) ...

Good luck with the expansion to the mansion. Looking good.

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