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# Posted: 9 Sep 2017 11:49

As seen in the movie "Long Long Trailer" starring Lucial Ball and Dezi Arnez. I am the proud owner of such a trailer. Does anyone know if there is a market for a trailer of this distinction ?? Antique or retro or something. Possibly worth some money or what ???

# Posted: 9 Sep 2017 12:23

That was one of my favorite movies. Not sure about the value, but this might be the next retro market. I don't think I'd be collecting these or reselling due to the sheer size and storage of these beasts. My aunt had one and I spent a summer in it as a kid. The new ones have great features.

# Posted: 9 Sep 2017 22:29

Vintage trailers are the rage here in California, my buddy has one. He goes to several vintage trailer rallies every year. They camp out for a weekend, put out vintage tables, chairs, bicycles, you name it, it's quite a show. I forget the name of his, I think it's worth about $30K.

# Posted: 9 Sep 2017 22:51 - Edited by: darz5150

There is a company reproducing the old tear drop trailers. I saw one at the gas station the other week. Keeping the classic look, with newer technology. The brand I saw was T@B trailers.

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