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# Posted: 2 Mar 2022 18:25 - Edited by: KinAlberta

MRT = Mean Radiant Temperature

Designing in comfort:

“Ten years ago, physicist and energy expert Allison Bailes III, Ph.D. published a blog post

… it may be one of the most important posts on building science that I ever read because it was one of the first to clearly—and humorously—explain the concept of mean radiant temperature (MRT).

Source: see below

The Concept of Mean Radiant Temperature Is Key to Understanding Comfort

“The answer is building science and MRT. Understanding MRT changes the way you think about buildings. It's critically important but almost nobody understands it. Sometimes I think nobody wants to understand it because it would mean codes would have to change, the way buildings are designed would have to change, and the way mechanical engineers and contractors work would have to change. And in the 10 years since this article was written, it appears that nobody actually wants to change.” 152

Referenced above is:
NakedPeopleNeed Building Science - Energy Vanguard

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