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# Posted: 4 Oct 2023 00:18

Interesting information:

#1 PEX Plumbing Mistake You Don't Want to Make (A vs B) - YouTube

# Posted: 4 Oct 2023 19:47

Holy crap I'm gonna have leaks everywhere... I have mixed and matched Pex A and Pex B in numerous houses for years...

Oh wait.. One of them was done 25 years ago and still has no leaks (my parents house). Of course I'm just one guy, but I HIGHLY doubt that a Pex A pipe will "eventually crack" using a Pex B crimp system.

In fact it super common around here (yup Alberta) for plumbers to cut off expansion rings and replace with crimps when doing add/changes

# Posted: 4 Oct 2023 21:57 - Edited by: ICC

There is no problem using a type B fitting with the type A PEX tubing, using the copper or S/S bands. . I like type A best as it does not have "coil memory" and safely makes shorter radius bends. But it needs a more expensive tool. FYI, when Wirsbo first released their tubing and fittings they would not sell it to any Tom, Dick, or Harry. It was only sold through pro plumbing suppliers to people who had been certified. I think that made them extra profits for a while. But there are/were some steps that had to be taken to ensure a proper fitting installation.

There may be a problem using a type A fitting with type B tubing. Type B fittings may be secured with either the copper rings or the stainless steel bands.

For those who worry too much, you can use the Sharkbite fittings on either the type A, B or C. So , easy to make a transition. Yes, I said type C. There is a third variety of tubing and it uses type B fittings.

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