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SE Ohio
# Posted: 5 Mar 2015 10:32

Found "A Very Modest Cottage" at the library. Nice coffee table type book, lots of pictures, not much technical detail. In a nutshell, the author and husband move a tiny (12' x 12') dilapidated 1920's roadside inn cabin to their lakeside lot where they restore it. Much of the book's focus is on decorating, but it is neat to see how they cleaned it up. A few pictures made me cringe, such as the woodburning stove close to unprotected drywall and furniture, with wood floor underneath. I think these were photo ops, not how they actually used the property in winter. All in all, I'd love to find such an "antique" structure to restore and add to my sprawling 5 acres... Of course a major restoration could be more work than new construction!

They don't mention anything about lead paint in their restoration, but again, short on technical info.

I'm not a fast reader, but I got through book in a couple of hours. Lots of pictures.

They've got a few pictures on their website, and they will try to sell you a book!

# Posted: 5 Mar 2015 22:44

Looks like something my wife would like. Might make a nice present for her. Thanks for the tip.

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