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# Posted: 9 May 2016 16:56

Hi all, I am creating a lithium battery source post.

evtv guy sells batteries, connectors etc

For full packs I like the
Balqon store

an ebay supplier.

ebay has options that come and go. I have had good luck using EV and RV batteries as search parameters along with lifepo4

(by ex. I recently found a Tesla Model S power pack for 1100 bucks. Nissan leaf packs too.)

Bret posted this

mtndon posted

Elite Power Solutions in AZ

AA Portable, in Richmond, CA

# Posted: 9 May 2016 17:35

Daimler has recently announced their Lithium Renewable Energy will be coming soon at competitive prices points. Should be noted that Daimler has been doing it for quite some time & have serious production capacity. It all translates into more competition creating more products & improving on them while pushing prices down.... Daimler starts deliveries of Mercedes-Benz energy storage units for private homes

Currently they are shipping to EU but will be expanding out. Sadly no pricing / availability timelines for those of us not in Europe.

# Posted: 9 May 2016 18:13

There's this one, too.

I've seen some solar providers also starting to offer lithium battery options but they're quite pricey.

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