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# Posted: 18 Apr 2019 20:02

In reading about the 2019 Solar Decathlon Design Challenge on the Green Building Advisor website there was a link to the overall winner, Virginia Tech, describing their design choices. ners

One of the products they decided to use were Greenrock Salt Water Batteries.

I always like learning from these sorts of competitions because you know that the designers did a ton of research into what the best products are in order to win the competition.

# Posted: 18 Apr 2019 23:34

This battery technology is fascinating! The project that VT did is very neat as well. I wish large cities with expensive real estate would consider projects like these more.

# Posted: 20 Apr 2019 12:30 - Edited by: CabinBuilder

I wonder if you can do one yourself,
by using septic or other tank filed with salt+water.

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