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# Posted: 29 Sep 2022 22:20

As has become the norm in natural disasters that take the grid down elec pro's from many states are heading to Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.
I notice that there does not appear to be any ev's in the convoys.
And looking at the film footage of the traffic heading out in the evac I cant imagine what that would have been like if most were ev's.
Food for thought?

# Posted: 30 Sep 2022 08:56 - Edited by: paulz

Interesting observation but like our grid affecting heat wave last month, it will be chalked up to a temporary 'act of God'.

Might be a wakeup call though for the need of fuel burning emergency service vehicles. The residents with EVs hopefully heeded the warnings and charged up before it hit.

# Posted: 30 Sep 2022 09:48

They are starting to make EV line trucks and all duty of trucks now too. Imagine the amount of stops needed in a large truck like that to drive 1,000mi to get to FL. They would have to leave a week ahead of time.

With Commercial trucks like that the driver can only drive 12hrs, this normal included load/unload time so would include charging time also.

# Posted: 30 Sep 2022 10:22 - Edited by: gcrank1

I expect they change drivers.
There is a report in The Wall St Journal on a road trip from New Orleans to Chicago and back. The reporter concluded with 'wouldnt want to do that again'.
More recently, MotorTrend Jul 31,'22 has an article about a full size Ford ev F-150 that couldnt make 100mi with a big travel trailer. They compared the power of the 'biggest available bat-bank' for it to, get this, 4 gal. of gas!
EV Line trucks cross country for emergency repairs? Well, maybe those guys can just stop anywhere with a power line and hook up their portable plug-in.....they are linemen.

# Posted: 2 Oct 2022 12:16 - Edited by: toyota_mdt_tech

Imagine trying to flee the storm in your EV, power out. Long lines of clogged traffic, rain, wipers going, heater, lights going, stalled in congestion.

Seems transportation departments are building in congestion on local highways by never increasing capacity as an area grows, trying to force you into public transit. So this scenario has created an undesirable condition for all electric which is also what they want.

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