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# Posted: 5 Jan 2023 10:27 - Edited by: Moderator

Be careful who you let stay in your cabin.
(How can I correct my Subject line? )
Say, Hey Mod, fix my stuff please. Poof, fixed.


“10 Boys And 10 Girls Each Spent A Week In An Unsupervised House”: Viral Social Experiment Sparks Online Discussions

Irrigation Guy
# Posted: 5 Jan 2023 18:08

Interesting experiment but that site was a mess and I think it gave my phone cancer.

# Posted: 5 Jan 2023 21:54

I always ponder that question? Every place has it's idiosyncrasies. Heater startup in the fall/winter? Solar? What are they going to recharge and when? Toilet recharging?(yes! It has a battery) Running the coffee maker and microwave at the same time?
Glad my place is pretty basic. It's like the lady I married. Low maintenance

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