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# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 07:59 - Edited by: turkeyhunter

it's been two weeks yesterday, since i had my yellow lab..."Molly Sue" put down she had cancer and a failing heart. She was 13 years old. And had not eaten much for the last 10 days or so. I have cooked her turkey breast in the crock pot or some hot dogs only thing she would eat, she had stopped eatng her dog food. She had suffered for over a year and a half. We had the mobile vet come here to the house and she sedated her and she was snoring with her head in my lap and then she gave her the injection and she drifted off to sleep We buried her by the barn , i made her a simple cross for her grave this week., made from the hemlock siding i used for the camp.
I got her when i was 38 and now i am 51....the kids were small when we got her and now they are grown and married.
Amazing how much fun and joy a dog can bring into your life. Always waging her tail , when i drove through the gate.
She was a hunter, always catching some kind of critter around the farm. she had been on dove fields hunting with me. She helped my find a turkey in the woods, i had shot and could not find. I had took her out to help me find wounded deer--she was good one for sure!!!!!

In her younger life she enjoyed going down to the land and old camp--some great times with her and the other dogs playing in the creek with the kids.
People who do not have dogs do not understand. She was part of our family.
As i type this, i still have tears runnig down my face.
R I P Molly Sue you are missed.

The more i am around people --the more i love my dogs.

this is the last pic i took of Molly Sue---she was waiting at the gate for me when i got home from camp.This was about 3 weeks ago.
RIP Molly Sue
RIP Molly Sue

# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 08:25

I'm so so sorry. She was so fortunate to have shared her life with such a loving family.
XO Lisa

# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 08:45


I am so sorry for your loss. I had a hard time reading that without tearing up. What a loss.
I have had dogs for years on the farm and had never been a dog person. Until two years ago when we got Keona. I get it now. We have nearly lost her three times. I cannot imagine.

Lucky people & lucky dogs !!

Again, sorry for you and your family.


# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 09:02

I have a personal affection for collies. They're not much good for hunting, but I love their dedication to family and how they're always ready to hit the trail with you. I'm on my 3rd now, the first died old and the second too young (dam you, cancer), so I've been down your road. And that's a lousy road,... I know. I maybe don't know where, but I think God has a special place for good dogs.

# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 09:48

Sorry to hear it. It's always hard to put a best friend down. I still miss all my old dogs, even years later.

I lost my Molly the day after Christmas to cancer, and my old guy Stewart feb 10. I never wait long before getting another. I just picked up a 2 yr old female mal 2 days ago.

# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 12:15

I am so very sorry for your loss. Molly Sue was a beautiful dog and I feel your pain. When we put our Fergie down last July I found this poem very comforting. I still miss her terribly but I know one day I will see her again.

I Haven't Left At All
I saw you gently weeping as you looked through photographs
You paused for just a moment at one that made you laugh.
But as you turned more pages the tears began to flow
You whispered that you missed me but I want you to know;
I softly licked those stinging tears that down your cheeks did fall
I want to help you understand I haven't left at all.
On those days that you are overcome with sorrow, pain and grief
I rest my head upon your leg to offer some relief.
When you take our walking path I've seen you turn around
Because I know you surely heard my paws upon the ground.
At night while you are sleeping I snuggle at your side
You stroke my fur as you touch that place where I used to lie.
You said it's just your heart playing tricks upon your mind
But rest assured I'm really there, my spirit's left behind.
I know your heart is hurting; it's like an open sore
You think my life has ended and you won't see me anymore.
But for those of us bound tight by love, death is not the curtain call;
It's really the eternal beginning that waits for us all
So, dear Master as you live your life I patiently await
For us to be together when you pass through Heaven's gate.

# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 12:28

I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I have a black lab and surely know the devotion they have for their "family". I hope that beautiful poem Hattie posted brings some comfort. I sit here all teared up, it's so sad to lose such a good friend.

# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 13:19

HUGE ((((Hugs))))) to you my wonderful friend.....wish I could fix your broken heart. I will be around to chat tonight-send me an email if you feel like it.

# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 14:23

Geez, Hattie. That was awesome. Thank you for that.

Made me well up as much as the first post.

# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 18:30

Thanks EVERYONE for the kind words--i appreciate it very much.
Hattie thank you very much for the poem. I will share that with my family.

# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 19:40

I also have been there and done that. Sorry to hear that and yes it is hard to lose a dog.

# Posted: 1 Mar 2012 22:45

turkeyhunter, I am so sorry for you and your family. I am sitting here like a blubbering mess after reading about your loss. I have a lab and I can not imagine not having her by my side as she is one of my bestest friends.

My heart goes out to you and am wishing you a great big hug.

# Posted: 2 Mar 2012 19:32

I'm sorry to hear that too,t-h.

# Posted: 4 Mar 2012 17:12

I've been away for a while and am just now ready of your loss. I'm so very sorry. Sometimes, I think I love my dogs more than my two legged family. I'm giving you a big hug; hope you feel it.

# Posted: 4 Mar 2012 18:58

Thanks everyone for the kind words and hugs, felt every one of them--

# Posted: 4 Mar 2012 20:44

she was blessed to have you as a loving caring owner and you were blessed to have her in your life. Dogs bring us such joy. My heart goes out to you and your family. Thanks for sharing your feelings and grief here . . . so often people think "oh, it's just a dog/cat" it's so important to grieve and share. Hugs and prayers comin' your way!

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