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# Posted: 13 Nov 2022 13:37

Quoting: TomChum
Quoting: EvoQ
That WHOLE Family is to blame, the Mother, the Husband that apparently left the Crazed Mother to totally deal with the Deranged Son

It's heartbreaking. I have a close relative who has a child with Asbergers syndrome. Extremely intelligent child, so creative, artistic, thats the part I see, trying to keep an open mind, and keep positive. The reality is the parents are totally and completely run-down, NO TIME to enjoy their lives, and this 24 hour job goes from age 3 to age 21, practically a lifetime. The best years of your life used coaxing a kid down from a high trees, keeping knives put away, picking up messes, dealing with tantrums. I am not surprised a person would lose the ability to cope under that stress. Having guns around is like matches and gasoline. There's only hope, and hope ran out.

I’m not criticizing, but I have Asperger’s syndrome, and raising me was never a “24 hour job” for my parents like in the situation you describe.

As an adult, I’m armed with a 10mm pistol (I’m sometimes in Alaska and have seen some big bears and moose), a .308 semi-automatic rifle, and a couple .22’s; not to mention some knives, power tools, and various other “dangerous” objects. I’ve been through military training, and learned tae kwon do as a teenager.

I’m not a violent person. I don’t daydream about murdering innocent people. This is true for the vast majority of “aspies”; they are far more likely to be victims than criminals. I like guns because I like being able to take care of myself rather than depending on others to take care of me; you know, kind of like building a cabin and living off-grid. I don’t keep guns because of fear/paranoia; I keep and often carry them for the same reason I keep a multitool and a small flashlight in my pocket and a set of tools in the truck: I never know when I might need to “protect” myself against mechanical trouble, a clump of cholla spines in the dog’s foot, a car that might not see me walking at night, etc etc. I like the hobby aspect of guns; maybe sometime I’ll find a historic Mosin Nagant that I can get cheap and do some restoration on. And I like being able to help others if the opportunity should arise, whether it be with my gun, my first aid kit, or just volunteering my time.

There is in fact a strong case to be made that Asperger’s syndrome is not “mental illness,” but rather neuro-diversity. For example, read about Temple Grandin, an autistic lady who is a professor at Colorado State and the author of several books. Maybe the bad guy who EvoQ was referring to had some genuine mental illness such as clinical depression, but in my opinion too many people, from the NRA to the gun-grabbers, are just using mental illness as a scapegoat to pin blame on or an excuse to advance their own agendas; and they are vague about what “mental illness” actually means, just as gun-grabbers are vague about what an “assault weapon” is. Maybe it’s appealing to think that we can, whether through treatment/education or some sort of Minority Report pre-crime stuff, prevent bad things from happening. Certainly we can try to help people, be more understanding, not look down on people based on silly cultural preconceptions and stigmas, etc. But the simple fact is that there are people who CHOOSE to do bad things. There always have been, and there always will be, and sometimes the only way to deal with a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy or girl with a gun.

Quoting: toyota_mdt_tech
Quoting: naturelover66
I know im a minority here... But I dont see why people go to nature ... Then want to kill it??

I dont know of a single gun owner who wants to kill wildlife. From what I gathered here reading the post, "its to protect themselves from the wildlife" or nut bag neighbors and as long as it never threatens, its never used.

I'm the guy who doesnt even want to kill a squirrel, even if its gnawing through my siding. I'd rather capture it and just relocate it to someone elses cabin.

Most people kill/run over rattlesnakes on sight. I don’t. I’ve captured and relocated two of them to the boonies.
A few things that can maul you, fry you, or burn your house down if you don't know what you're doing
A few things that can maul you, fry you, or burn your house down if you don't know what you're doing
Teaching kids to handle dangerous things... safely
Teaching kids to handle dangerous things... safely
Releasing dangerous wildlife in his new home far from people
Releasing dangerous wildlife in his new home far from people
More dangerous fun
More dangerous fun

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