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# Posted: 20 Feb 2018 21:10

Quoting: Audiophile
So I have shot .22 pistols years ago and I like them but what are your recommendations? Also, since this will be my first firearm purchase what do recommend for securing the firearm at home and what is the best beginner training? Any recommendations for a backstop for target shooting?

My buddy has 3 different .22 pistols. He has one called a mosquito, I cant remember who makes it but that thing is a piece! It fails to fire, fails to eject, fails to load, fails to WORK. We have tried 4 different brands of higher end ammo in it and same result every time (yes the pistol was cleaned, and he got a new magazine for it to see if the spring had failed in the others). His other two are Rugers. I think one of them is an "SR22". That thing is fun and will eat just about any ammo we put in it. Even that cheap stuff.

As far as securing it once you own it, it depends on who's around. If you have kids I'd put it in some sort of locking box. If its just you, then you can hide it where ever you feel like it!

If you were full beginner, I would say take a class. You need to have the basics down before you go solo. It sounds like you have shot before, so if you already have the basics down.... like dont look down the barrel, then take an intermediate class. If you dont wanna go that route ask a friend/family member. My uncle taught me how to when I was younger.

If you are target practicing with a .22 you can get these bullet catchers that you shoot into. Just a steel box really.

Behind that put a pile of dirt incase you miss the box. Dont use bricks or a concrete wall. Ricochet can happen.

You should check that you can shoot a gun where you will be practicing though. Local law says thats a no no in some areas.

And as someone else said, if you shoot a .22 at a bear, you will just piss it off.... I bet you would be better to throw the gun at it...

old greybeard
# Posted: 22 Feb 2018 09:53

OP you are in a bad area with the illegals crossing. Your wife needs to face reality, you are responsible for her defense until the police arrive, usually too late to do anything but write a report. My wife had to face down 2 large guys trespassing on 4x4's who were getting ready to assault me. Luckily the sound of her chambering a round in a bolt action deer rifle sent them on their way. Since then we've upgraded to a Colt LE6920. Much easier for her to handle.
Pistols are fine, but rifles are better. Easier more accurate to use at distance and under pressure.
A lever action Henry or Marlin in the same 45LC as your single action is a good option. 10rds in the tube and not as scary looking as a AR.

# Posted: 22 Feb 2018 12:08

O G/B, LE6920, great choice, I have a few 5.56 NATO units, one of them is a LE6920.

# Posted: 22 Feb 2018 12:51

While I don't live in bear or cougar country, I have had a significant amount of time behind various guns and calibers due to my father being a firearm enthusiast and being raised on a farm where we could shoot whenever we wanted.

Many salient points included in these posts so anything I would add would just be reinforcement or personal experience. That .02.

There is a lot to be said about what one's intended target is. As mentioned, carry needs for personal protection of a person vary from that of a bear. I am a tremendous fan of the .44 magnum. I have shot a ruger redhawk a lot. It was incredibly accurate and I didn't find the recoil to be overpowering as can be with some even larger calibers. That would be my go to, personally, in bear country.

For people country, which seems we need to be carrying more and more these days, that is an age old argument. There have been tremendous strides with the 9mm load to the point where it's ballistic characteristics are getting close to that of a 45 ACP. A 9mm typically affords you large magazine capacity over a .45 but, then again, there is a reason the 45 ACP has been around for over 100 years and is getting re-adopted by the U.S. military in some circles. A 40 bridges the gap between the two. Any of these with the right ammo and amount of practice could be leveraged. I would not go any caliber lower than a 9mm personally, but that's me.

I personally carry a compact 9mm, but the 1911 is my preferred gun of choice. I would certainly second everyone who is comfortable shooting to have a Ruger 10/22, they are the best 22 rifle on the market all around.

If none of this works for you, I guess you could get a Desert Eagle .50 to carry and blaze a trail of destruction on all things living that came your way lol.

# Posted: 27 Feb 2018 09:27

A ruger 22lr pistol would be a good "first gun" to begin using to become familiar with pistols. Just like a ruger 10/22 rifle would be in the same category unless one has access to a pawn shop and picks up an old bolt action 22 lr rifle for a cheap cabin gun. Dirt is a great backer for targets and a 22 lr does not penetrate very deep. I have a shooting range and a 22 LR backer that was made by stacking rough sawn 2x4 oak boards, overlaying on the target surface with the old black particle board material. targets are held by thumb tacks in the particle board and bullets are trapped between the particle board and that hard oak surface so they are easy to clean from the range when that time comes, replacing the particle board and scooping up the lead when you remove the old particle board for replacing with a new one.

Bear protection, wow, glad I do not live in bear country, but you need firepower for protection. I would have a 12 gage pump shotgun loaded with some size of buckshot and the last couple would be slugs. Even seasoned outdoorsmen most of the time have very little response time when an actual bear attacks. My limited travels to bear country in the great america west have saw me with a 44 mag revolver in constant companionship and I realize that is not sufficient firepower to stop a bear attack. Mountain Lion attacks are almost non existent. If serious about needing protection, I would run bricks and bricks ( packs of 500 rounds) of 22 LR thru a pistol to become second hand feel of shooting a pistol and then purchase a minimum of a 44 mag handgun for a constant companion while in bear country. Its like a fire extinguisher, you hope you never need it, but when you do, it may save your life.

# Posted: 9 Mar 2018 23:56

Thanks everyone for the great responses! Much appreciated, especially Bushwacked. Lots of great tips. I really like the Ruger . 22s and that is likely my gun of choice. I think they look cool too but I know that isn't much of a reason to make the purchase. Yes, after searching the Internet it appears only a fool would try to take out a bear with a 22. I read a story where it was done but the guy was right on top of the bear and shot it in the head. I will stick with bear spray/fog for now. I always thought it was a BS product but apparently it is very effective. I have not seen any rouge people or big animals on my property but my neighbors have seen plenty of bear. I want to keep my wife and friends safe. Check out this video of spray on a bear:

And a report on spray vs firearms :

The NRA's headquarters is right up the road from me and they offer beginners courses on Saturday afternoons. I am going to sign up so I can get reaquaitnted with firearms. It sounds really good and it looks like it covers a lot - including gun cleaning. For those that are interested here is the link to training from the NRA:

Thanks again everyone!

# Posted: 30 Apr 2018 21:06

I like where your head is at and I’d use the .45 and for animal defence that would also keep a neighbour safe, I’d take a 12 gauge as well with 00. Take care of coyotes on your lot, or other vermin.

I’m not sure where to start with the convincing the wife, it’s never a bad thing having something and not needing it then needing it and not having it. I try to have a firearm where ever I go.

SoCal Rob
# Posted: 26 Jun 2018 17:00 - Edited by: SoCal Rob

Tell her a gun is simply a tool. Especially living remotely. I have a .357 revolver for carry and a 12 gauge shotgun for home protection. Both are simple to use. I've never had to fire them for protection but they are great for peace of mind. The bad guys have them should you. You're simply trying to keep your home safe.

# Posted: 26 Jun 2018 18:22

Quoting: SoCal Rob
Tell her a gun is simply a tool. Especially living remotely. I have a .357 revolver for carry and a 12 gauge shotgun for home protection.

Yep.....Is that a Pump or a Double barrel?
Noticed your name, SoCal, I'm down here too, where are you located and where is your cabin (if ya don't mind my asking)?

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