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# Posted: 6 Dec 2018 14:36

After sustaining numerous price hikes and "promotion expirations" I just couldn't take it anymore (22% increase in the past 2 months). So after 2 frustrating calls to their customer rep folks I used the trigger "C-word" which caused the rep to stop faking any concern. Yes, the blatant use of "cancellation" is when they switch their approach, from there's nothing I can do, to I'll have to transfer you to the Cancellation Dept. (I course I got dropped, cut-off instead of a transfer.)

When I called back, I asked to be switched directly to the cancellation dept. Interestingly, this next level of authority was much more productive. After relating my argument to the agent, he was able to "adjust" the charges to "promotion status" for 2 of 3 services, resulting in about a 20% sayings. And even better, these discounts wont expire as long as I keep the certain services (we'll see).
So, don't take no for an answer, especially at the lowest level of customer rep authority. Also, don't be afraid to mention the "c word".

# Posted: 6 Dec 2018 14:52

The front line of folks are there to sell and to get as much revenue in as little time as possible. The cancellation folks (or 'saves' or 'loyalty' dept) have a ton of options available to them to keep you around.

They have highly paid people to work out how many people will say, "Fine, whatever...sign me up for another year.." and how many others will genuinely take their $$ elsewhere unless they get something better than what they have now.

Generally, the saves people are 'better' in, have been there longer, have shown they're smarter than the average bear, etc.

When you call anywhere to discuss your billing and services, if they have those automated "Please say the words you're ....." just say "Cancel!" at each prompt. That will land you at the people that can actually cut you some discounts to save your business, rather than jumping through hoops to have to end up there anyway.

Oprah (haha) actually said something that stuck with me... "Never accept a no from someone who's not authorized to give you a yes in the first place."

# Posted: 6 Dec 2018 19:23

The other thing is when they sign you up for a "free" service (like being in their VIP club for a month) but then it's up to you to contact them to cancel after the free month is up. If you forget they automatically start billing you.

# Posted: 7 Dec 2018 19:08 - Edited by: silverwaterlady

I just told them that we retired and were probably going to have to go to that company that has quite a expensive advertising campaign that caters to senior citizens.

We are at the lowest price plan they have at AT&T due to that one phone call.

We don't have dropped calls, they don't erase voice mails after three weeks or charge us if we go over on the web like the other cell phone company.

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