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# Posted: 5 Apr 2019 23:36 - Edited by: darz5150

Recently got a cheap stansport 8 inch hurricane lamp from amazon for $5.70. It leaked pretty badly on the bottom of the fuel reservoir. Contacted the seller and they sent me a new one for free and let me keep the first one......well..the second one also had a leak, tho not as bad as the first one. I was just going to solder or JB weld the seam. But before I went thru the trouble or expense of JB weld. I decided to try something stupidly simple.
I took a dollar tree stick candle and heated it till it was mushy. I scraped the mushy wax down into the seam. Then I took a butane torch and melted it down into the seam. I did this twice to make sure it filled the seam. Then simply wiped the excess wax off.
I filled the res. (Not overfilled) And placed each one on a coffee filter and let them sit for a couple days to see if they leaked. That was 2 months ago and so far no leaks at all. Also I use citronella oil in the lamps. So I don't know if this hack would work with kerosene.

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