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# Posted: 26 May 2023 08:28

Just yesterday saw something I havent seen in a lonnggg time, diesel was cheaper than eth-blend reg (by a dime/gal).

# Posted: 26 May 2023 10:28 - Edited by: gcrank1

I was just checking on 'phase separation' of eth-blend fuels and remembering that last fall when I serviced my JD for the winter the JD fuel filter at the tank was a 25micron. That compared favorably to other 'brand' filters of 40ish micron (iirc). I put the new JD filter on the tractor, backflushed the old one and put it on my lawn tractor/mower.
Point is that their is a wide variation in the micron rating of filters!
I see a specific filter for phase sep. with eth-blend rated at 10 microns (and NOT for diesel) to be used after the primary (often 100 micron) filter at the pump.
On a boating forum ( they have talked about 2 micron filters; if anybody has issues with water in fuel and ways to deal with it I would think it would be boat 'guys'.
After-flight fuel filter draining for small aircraft was also mentioned. I was not aware of that; apparently they have a drain (sure wish all my small engine equip did!).
Also, Ive seen posted that coffee filters are 8 to 20 microns and we all know that water flows readily through all of them, some slower which must be the 'tighter' filters.

# Posted: 26 May 2023 13:56 - Edited by: ICC

Quoting: gcrank1
After-flight fuel filter draining

Aircraft fuel tanks have sumps at low spots. A device called a sampler is used to drain a sample. 100LL is light blue. If present, water will appear as clear beads (small contamination) or a distinct separate level under the light blue 100LL. Aircraft can have many sumps in the same tank and one at/near the engine.

These checks are done BEFORE the first flight of every flight day AND AFTER every refueling as well as AFTER flights that encountered rain.

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