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# Posted: 21 Mar 2016 00:15

Still needs a self- leveling cup holder and a 12 volt blender

# Posted: 21 Mar 2016 11:43

Quoting: bldginsp
Still needs a self- leveling cup holder and a 12 volt blender

Well, in about 4 weeks, its going on its maiden voyage to the property where it will have a little bit of work ahead of it (still brand new with only .5 hours on it is all). It will no longer have the shine. Its not muddy there, but it is dusty. I will just use my blower on it, a light wet down when I get back to bring back the luster.

# Posted: 21 Mar 2016 18:33

Well, see, that's why spinners on the Mule would be helpful. They'd keep blowing the dust out of the wheels!

I taught English at a rather rough high school. Years after diagnosis when I was struggling to keep working, I got one of those rolling walkers with four wheels and a seat because I just couldn't be on my feet for 8 hours unassisted. My kids may have been into all sorts of stuff but they had good hearts and were quite bummed when the walker made its appearance. The girls got tearful; the guys were more pragmatic.

At the end of the day, a group of the guys came up to me and their spokesman, Adam, said, "Yo, miss. We were thinking. We could take that thing to shop class and pimp it out. Put little spinners on the wheels, some neon lights under the frame, make it cool." Hahahahaha! I had half a notion to let them except I didn't know if the "pimped-out" ride would be appropriate for doc/hospital visits and get through airport security.

Pimp out the Mule, Toyota! It'll keep the wildlife on their toes, errr, hooves/paws!

# Posted: 21 Mar 2016 21:20 - Edited by: turkeyhunter

Quoting: toyota_mdt_tech
(still brand new with only .5 hours on it is all

I bought my BRAND NEW Trans Mule Crew cab~~4x4 last Oct and NOW it has 9 hours so my old Mule is getting close to 2000 hours the one I leave at camp

I like your box you built for the back...I just installed 2 really nice side mirror's on mine from Rock Mountain Sports....and bought a fancy windshield that tilts up on two small struts and give you some air on a warm day ( I bought it off a 2014 on Craigslist) ,,,I will not install the windshield till the fall.

I hauled a nice mess of 7 catfish and 2 perch/bream and my fishing gear in my MULE last week

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