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# Posted: 23 Mar 2010 21:26

new here and this will most likely be first of many questions
planning to rebuild a 500 sg ft hunt camp in the Ottawa Ont area.
I would like to build the camp on a raised platform (apx 24" above grade) to eliminate rot and make camp more comfortable.
due to remote location and high amount of rock and roots we will encounter I am thinking we will build on Piers .Dig down to undsiturbed soil ( sand) tamp 6" of gravel , patio stone then concrete block piers.
Floor joist will be reclaimed 2x12 spruce joists ( $5 each!) and TG ply floor. suspect we should insulate floor as the camp will be used into November and temperatures cab easily fall well below freezing.
fibreglass batts a good idea?
this may be all we build this year . we are hoping to reclaim much of the existing camp the following year

Sound good so far ..appreciaet any and all comments


# Posted: 23 Mar 2010 22:35

Welcome ,,

Sounds like a plan so far..
With the 2x12 fiber glass bats for sure the best and cheapest R-value.
shouldnt need more than a r-11? in the floor,
Some where is a fella on this site used plywood sheets between floor joist to hold insulation and keep varmits out.
maybe tack a 1x2 firing strips about 4 inches from the top and screw plywood to it between the floor joist , That would give enough room for the r-11 or even r-13 batts. Then lay your T&G decking ..

Good luck on your project.

# Posted: 5 Apr 2010 18:40

I used I-joists, thin 3/8 ply laid and nailed to the tops of the bottom flanges, R-30 in the "bays" then 3/4 ply over the top.

Joists are set on built up beams set on posts on poured footers

pics here

# Posted: 14 Jul 2010 14:17

Moontreeranch, beautiful property there, and I liked your construction photos in the link you posted. That looks an awful lot like up around the Buena Vista area, am I close? I am in LIttleton but get up into the hills as much as possible to camp in our RV, good job on the Cabin! Tim

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