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# Posted: 23 Sep 2023 21:52

I learned from having boats and having to put them in winter storage, that plugging holes (any kind of necessary vent, drain or whatever) with pieces or whole stainless steel scouring pads works well. Since my cabin has liner tin on the underside, the ribs still presented an opening for critters to get under the floor. Plugged with scouring pad pieces has kept critters from getting in and still allows air to pass for venting the space.

# Posted: 28 Sep 2023 20:53

Quoting: scott100

My plan of attack after I chased the couple out that had set up residence and got rid of the old nests, was to spray foam the whole underneath right over (underneath) the blue board with Kraken Fastcoat 1 part spray foam. ... I'll let you know how it works.

A week later, and no mice have returned. I hope the streak continues.

# Posted: 5 Nov 2023 16:42 - Edited by: spencerin

scott100, how did the application of the Kraken product go? I'm thinking about getting it, or a similar product, to insulate the bottom of my floor, and I'd like to know how it went. Also, what square footage did you insulate, and how many cans did it take?

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