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# Posted: 24 May 2020 22:07

Hi ,I just joined up this evening and read several pages of this thread not all of it but I just recently built myself an 8x16 without a permit ,and honestly don’t think I will need one .I built it on a barrel barge .My lot is about an acre ,and is a little low in the back and I was told the city has no issue with building permits here ,but the local conservation authority does .Anyways my lot is water access ,I was building a barge to move things back and forth ,and said why not put a cabin on top of it .I built a boat ,my lot is a little wet so I think I am good to go . I am allowed a boat or 20 no problem.Might work for some of you as well ,and it might not .In any case ,I didn’t overdo it and build anything huge .

# Posted: 22 Feb 2022 11:12

Quoting: Resting Place
Our plan is to build a small (480 sq ft) off grid home to live in year round and in the Loring area we would be able to do that... no permits necessary

Hi!. @RestingPlace - So, it's 2022 and a LOT has changed since this thread was active. Just wondering if you ever made it to Port Loring?

# Posted: 10 Apr 2023 19:20 - Edited by: aazard

Quoting: spee
We will see how it goes, there is also a 950 sqft min for a house/cabin/building... Crazy !

yes this is standard in all of Ontario for a "main" dwelling (not ADU).
Codes say 189 or 430 are acceptable... but you will NEVER get a permit for anything under 1000sq ft basically
Boomers control regulations (they want NO SMALL/CHEAP homes in Ontario to hurt their owned Home value on the market)

You were just "born too late" & priced out they want you to live in a 64sq ft pod, in a dense city, eating bugs and making min wage

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