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# Posted: 24 May 2020 22:07

Hi ,I just joined up this evening and read several pages of this thread not all of it but I just recently built myself an 8x16 without a permit ,and honestly don’t think I will need one .I built it on a barrel barge .My lot is about an acre ,and is a little low in the back and I was told the city has no issue with building permits here ,but the local conservation authority does .Anyways my lot is water access ,I was building a barge to move things back and forth ,and said why not put a cabin on top of it .I built a boat ,my lot is a little wet so I think I am good to go . I am allowed a boat or 20 no problem.Might work for some of you as well ,and it might not .In any case ,I didn’t overdo it and build anything huge .

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