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Tyler Danann
# Posted: 30 Nov 2015 16:19

Quoting: OutdoorFanatic
Watched the vid. SWEET! You are a very lucky and talented man.
Looking forward to seeing your progress.

No problem, here's the next databurst!

It was a nearly full day going to the city to get essential supplies and gear.

If anyone's wondering what I'm doing with the branches etc from all these trees I am felling, well let me present the natural foliage barrier near the gateway!

Wednesday was a full day of graft!

I deployed the new cable tensioner which I hoped would be capable of getting the Sky Wire taut enough to take the great 30 foot logs.

Up we go!

The cable dipped, but was much more capable at taking the 1000 lbs+++ log.

Lifted and in place on the saw horses!

The ridge log isn't perfectly straight, but it will do for my cabin, I'll possibly hew it straight next year, for now my priority to getting it peeled and stacked in the racks for drying.

During the peeling process I used my rigging techniques to turn the log using the lifting equipment. I could have rolled it, but the risk of it falling onto the deck and breaking a limb wasn't worth it.

Indeed the saw horses collapsed 3 times, but each time the chain block prevented the log from falling very far, which was just as well.

Almost done now!

Fully Peeled! The only tricky bit is rolling the big thing on the racks (some stumps are in the way).

I get the Tirfor on the case and soon it is...

Stacked and in the racks!

Only another 3 of these big beauties to go!

G-Man stopped over for an unexpected visit, he was most impressed by the progress. Hopefully I'll get the entire log panoply done with more projects to spare by winter!

Look at all the mess from the 'clothes bark'!!

It'll take a while to pick all that up, but tomorrow is another day...

Tyler Danann
# Posted: 30 Nov 2015 16:20

Had another day of the log dance today. I got three big trees moved from their woody fell-positions:

This one was being a PITA:

I worked until I did enough for that day. It's not wise to push things when you are working alone. So I knocked it on the head for the day and got working on my latest book !

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