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Gary O
# Posted: 28 Dec 2014 17:31 - Edited by: Gary O

Quoting: Julie2Oregon
and to dream about what's to come

'tis the carrot

cheers future fellow Oregonian

# Posted: 28 Dec 2014 22:58

Quoting: Gary O
cheers future fellow Oregonian

Can't wait! Driving up in late spring, weather-depending, to get the ball rolling, do some land work, and visit with the county folks in person.

# Posted: 29 Dec 2014 06:25

visiting with the country folks has been a joy for us too.our down the road neighbors came over on xmas day bearing gifts.a xmas tin of cookies and candies.its a little family i love out there.the mom and dad,three kids.they are a little cute homesteading family.
they share what they have.when we go to visit them-the little boy Jack loves to keep a baby goat in my arms every second.its his share to me.
they came over and we had a nice visit.
then another neighbor came over.hes our old next door buddy.if anyone drives up to our cabin in the middle of the nite.he yells out -NEIGHBOR is that u?
then we stopped by before we left to go back to the city check in and say merry christmas to our old woodland buddies.they are two really oldies but they are so full of ideas and fun.
that is the best part.the sharing and caring.
cant wait to hear more from your way Julie2Oregon.

# Posted: 29 Dec 2014 14:46

why cant the powers that be just leave good alone?
well we got a big buddy heater with three ceramic that stove.
now we see that there is only two ceramic panels offered in the big buddy heaters.wah.
so we purchased it anyway.
there is a new benefit to has a build in carbon monoxide alert in it.the old one doesnt.
what about this new one?u can use little propane containers and big has attachments for two hook ups at the same time for the new two panel big buddy...guess what?no hose in the box.u have to send off for them.
i could not remember if we had to send off for the old big buddy 3 panel stove.i sure love that stove.
but i see the benefits of the newer two panel stove.
so this is things we are finding out at the cabin.

# Posted: 29 Dec 2014 14:49

we had our cabin settle.
seems theres been not so much snow but rain .lots and lots of rains.
so the front door sort of settled to not flush.rain got in and i had to pull up all the wet carpeting.
use the buddy heater to dry it out all day.
paint the floors with kilz paint cause there was mold.i scrubbed it off.
so now we will put wooden flooring down in the little tiny front room instead of carpets.
i am just praising God we found out and went to the woods when we did.
back work.gar hates back work.going backwards.
but its all good.all in learning and dealing with things that happen in homesteading and cabin life.

# Posted: 29 Dec 2014 19:04

Quoting: cabingal3
there is a new benefit to has a build in carbon monoxide alert in it.the old one doesn't.

Hi Cabingal3 - Be careful about this - I think the heaters have an Oxygen Depletion Sensor which is not the same thing as a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector. If the heater is malfunctioning and producing CO, it may shut down because of low oxygen but then again it may not (or until it is too late). Also, if the Oxygen Depletion Sensor fails it may fail in the "on" position so the heater will continue. Just make sure you also have CO detectors and even propane detectors.

# Posted: 29 Dec 2014 19:18

dear razmichael.we bought a carbon monoxide detector too.
its in our cabin.
thank u for saying what u have said cause it is important for all to know.thank u.hugs cabi

Gary O
# Posted: 1 Feb 2015 14:54 - Edited by: Gary O

OK, around 100 days left til we move to the cabin.
Got a list a mile long of things that gotta get done.
I've dawdled about as long as I dare.
If I think about it all at once I tend to head to the fridge and pop a cold one.
So I'm just concentrating on one thing at a time, and checking them off as I go.
Thing is, some stuff coincide with other things, so the one-at-time rule doesn't apply to everything (drives me nuts).
Just sold the house (kinda a biggy) check.
One thing that I'm gonna think about right now (while our backs learn to quit screaming from cleaning out that container we bought) is battery power.
Not solar
Not there...yet
Jenny to battery to things.
I've got this simple question.
Heh, stopped at Batteries Plus. Thought they'd just rattle off answers and point. The pimple faced kid had no idea what I was even talking about.
I'll still keep them in mind for AA and AAA batteries.

Here's my simple question;

What do I need in order to have power to a half dozen 100 watt lightbulbs, a couple laptops (notebooks) and five minutes worth of toaster/microwave activity?
OK, I really don't care about the toaster or microwave, but thought I'd throw those in there while I was asking.
Thing is, I really really don't want to know why.
'Why' is for those who I consider geniuses.
I'm just smart enough to have come to the conclusion that I'm not a genius since I have the intellect of a hammer (not a nailer....n-o-o-o-o, not a nailer).
I just want to know 'what'.

My question;
I know I need a;
Battery (deep cycle I s'pose)
Charge controller
A/C power cord (with some sorta fancy converter connectors)
What brands, kinds, what's best, from where, what else?
(OK it's a multi-part question)
Once I get some input from you geniuses, and compile my list, we'll move on to the subject of how.
I intend on getting wunna those Honda EU2000i jenny/inverters, so maybe I won't need a stand alone inverter (??)
And it won't actually say 'Honda' on it. It'll say 'Predator' and come with a price tag that says $500.

Anyhoot, once I've got some input, I'm off to the store. Then hooking it all up here at the house for a bit of self show and tell.

Standing (sitting) by

# Posted: 1 Feb 2015 23:27

are you really thinking about 100w lightbulbs?

Gary O
# Posted: 1 Feb 2015 23:48

no, going with the equiv of 60w (LED)
at present, considering 2 Batts, just for lights without noise

the jenny w/charge the laptop during the day

going quite minimal at first...too much other stuff to do

# Posted: 2 Feb 2015 10:55

razmichael built a nice system. I'm trying to remember. there were a couple of good small systems last year.

and groingo did what you're talking about for years. you might check his posts.

# Posted: 8 Feb 2015 08:13

got our shipping container cleaned out yesterday.
still sort of smelly...but not as bad.
got lots of packed boxes stored in there.
i think we still have some spider eggs in the container although we tried to get them all out.
i hate the thought of opening up boxes once the container is hauled to our land to find tons of spiders in there.
but we are making progress.
our house almost sold first day...nope.
so its up for sale.
the container is getting filled up with our belongings for the great move to southern oregon.
gonna be so happy to get out of all this cold wet rain in Portland.

# Posted: 8 Feb 2015 16:48

posed this in my group.someone said get essential oils and wipe about in the container...
the oils are at the dollar store so i may do this instead.

# Posted: 8 Feb 2015 18:43

Hi cabingal3....I can feel your excitement to get onto your land for good. I truly hope your house sells really fast and you get a good price for it.

If your container smells, you can try spraying Febreeze for fabric onto the walls of it and then wiping them down. I have done this when we get the rare motel guest who smokes in our rooms (which are posted non-smoking but what can you do). It takes the smell away instantly!

# Posted: 8 Feb 2015 19:20 - Edited by: silverwaterlady

I've been trained to haul containers in the Intermodal division of my company. All container floors are sprayed with pesticide,might be part of the
bad smell. There should be a label on the back door of the container it will list the pesticide used. Out of service containers can also be leakers. The best way to check for this is on a sunny day close the door and look for light.
The web site is where I got the label photo. There is info on there about this pesticide.

Have you found a company to haul the container to your woods? I am very happy to hear that your dreams are coming true!
Shipping container label
Shipping container label

# Posted: 9 Feb 2015 04:57

Are you getting lots and lots of rain up there now? Sure looks that way! But what do I now, parked down here in Texas.

I hope your house sells quickly! Hope the same for myself. I'm going to try to sell it myself. I enjoy realtors about as much as I enjoy used car salesmen. Now, before any realtors or used car salesmen take offense, I know that both professions surely contain some fine individuals. Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of working with the best examples of these occupations. I'm little, blonde, and shy and not taken seriously, I'm afraid.

White vinegar is good for cleaning and eliminating odors. Once dry, the vinegar smell is gone as I'm sure you know. Not as yummy as essential oils but much less expensive.

Speaking of essential oils, I believe there's an essential oils and candle shop in Klamath Falls. There looks to be a lot of neat little locally owned shops and restaurants in Klamath Falls that I look forward to checking out! I love downtowns. I absolutely despise malls!

# Posted: 9 Feb 2015 08:27 - Edited by: cabingal3

Quoting: hattie
If your container smells, you can try spraying Febreeze for fabric onto the walls of

hi hattie.thank u.this is what garyo said.
thank u.

# Posted: 9 Feb 2015 08:31

Quoting: silverwaterlady
Have you found a company to haul the container to your woods?

hi inside but birds or mice poop inside.i think they must leave it open sometimes for them to get in or there is an entrance somewhere for these little boogers to get in.
it smells musty like its been in the oregon rains.or the faint scent of mildrew.thats oregon
hmm.we do have a company all lined up and have been talking to them.
so all set.
the smell is not unbearable i just dont want our books,bedding and clothes to smell bad and be ruined.
thanks so much.

# Posted: 9 Feb 2015 08:37

thanks always get rain in Portland,oregon.i guess this is why they call it "the great northwet".sure has been raining like crazy.just the norm.
Julie2Oregon...we put it on craigs list one nite and we got a bite from a realtor saying they had someone who had we signed those people dropped out.seems they went to the bank to get monies and found out they quailfy for a down payment.
so garyo is giving this lady two weeks to show us far...she told us she was coming to put our sign up.did not far she told us she was bringing someone by on the we are giving her a bit of a chance to show us shes a can doer.if not.we are back to selling this place ourselves.
well on Klamath falls.its a spread out town.much like a texan town...we dont really know much there -only where the home depot is and the grocery outlet.also the burgerking.
soo.we have alot of discovering to do also.
thanks.will give vinegar a thought cause i have a gallon on hand right now.thanks.

# Posted: 9 Feb 2015 18:01

GARY if it was me
1 Walmart deep cell marine $100'00
1 Walmart 400 watt pure sane inverter $150 .00
1 Walmart 15 amp automatic charger .$75 .00
the best 1000 watt genny u can afford change the oil often

# Posted: 9 Feb 2015 19:03

and if it was me. ahahaha. so $10k later.

but 2 6v deep cycles. with a morningstar 300 pure sine. a walmart charger on an ats (or turn your inverter off when charging). and a walmart hyundai genny.

anybody use one of these? good mfct. and they look good.

Scott G
# Posted: 10 Feb 2015 21:23

CurIous about the Hyundai generator reviews as well. Decent prices, really decent.

Gary O
# Posted: 11 Feb 2015 06:55

Quoting: Just
GARY if it was me1 Walmart deep cell marine $100'001 Walmart 400 watt pure sane inverter $150 .001 Walmart 15 amp automatic charger .$75 .00 the best 1000 watt genny u can afford change the oil often


I considered investing more, but the technology is moving too fast.

We're on the same page, Just. Thnx Pard

Gary O
# Posted: 6 Mar 2015 23:35 - Edited by: Gary O

So, just fresh off bc thunder's 'my 12 x 12' thread.
Ya'll go peek at what this kid did.

I'm gonna do it.

KD/treated SPF 4x4 walls

Once we build the add-on to our 2nd cabin, I'm movin' the tools over to the well and practicing 4x4 construction on the utility shed.

Not sure how big it'll be, but there'll need to be room for doing the wash (clothes and atrophied bodies), and a sauna.
I'll be doing a lot of pondering, as there's things to consider when building tiny places.

Not sure about anyone else, but I tend to simulate a wounded stork/pig/javelina like creature struggling in the mud when commencing to soap up in the shower, so I need room and rails and devices in strategic places to keep me vertical (I'm not a bath guy).

We'll have a wash machine but no dryer, so we'll just need room for a few piles of clothes...and hind ends passing by. Not sure how much sauna room we'll need.
I imagine an eight by ten s/be ample.
Won't use 4x4s all the way up unless I have lotsa windows and doors.
Too much weight for treated timbers on concrete blocks.
Predrilling and pounding spikes...maybe a layer of goop in between.

Right now it's all in my head (a dangerous place to be).

# Posted: 17 Mar 2015 18:33

well heres some news.our retirement date got upped to may 26th.
now its down to april 3rd.
the long haul is over ...almost.
soon we will go to our land and the cabin.
so excited.

# Posted: 18 Mar 2015 12:37

I'm so excited for you two. I hope you will keep posting as you progress with your adventures. Maybe you should make a blog for that!!!

# Posted: 18 Mar 2015 19:31

Wow... I'm very happy for you both!! I've really enjoyed reading about your cabin adventures... I hope you can keep in touch. Please.... Dont leave us !!!!
xo. Best wishes... Lisa

# Posted: 19 Mar 2015 04:36

couple of weeks away.
going down to cut limbs off some big trees in our drive so the semi truck can dump off our shipping container.
we have to haul a our own last truck load of stuff down there at the same time.
its exciting.soon i will be in my woods.thank u Jesus.
thank u everyone.we will keep u posted.

# Posted: 21 Mar 2015 13:09

suppose to be a house inspection today but they cancelled.we have someone on the hook to buy our house.
the lenders are so back logged cause it is spring.spring is house buying the inspection is next week instead.
this house selling thing is nerve racking.
if all else fails our son said he would pay cash for it so we can get out of here.
gars counting down the days to retirement.
every nite he says only 10 more days and i never have to set the alarm clock ever again.
i have been getting up for 30 yrs at 2-2:30 a.m. to get him breakfast and a lunch packed.
he has been getting up at 3:30 for 30 yrs to get to work.
i told him "yes.we will probably wake up this time anyway!"
been a long haul to get to our land and get things set paid off.cabins we will have time to get our land up to snuff.
cant wait.

# Posted: 21 Mar 2015 22:38

Those are really early mornings for you two. I hope you get your internal clocks reset when you move to your cabin.

I used to get up at 5:30 every morning....Then we moved here and I said to Bob we can sleep in until 6:30. He said why do we need to get up so early? Now we set the clock to 7:00 am and many times don't get out of bed until 8:00.

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