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Gary O
# Posted: 30 Nov 2015 21:38

Quoting: bushbunkie
You got it...still poopin old school in the "luvable loo!"!

Yup, I remember

you were our inspiration

# Posted: 30 Nov 2015 21:47

busy days.
loving the life out here.
today the mister made doll beds for the little girls out here.
i have been getting ready for my brothers package in the mail.working on gifts for all out here.
today cooked my big pumpkin i got for halloween.made a pie.i have enough cooked pumpkin to make muffins,bread,pies and cookies.
Gary O made me a clothes rack today too.
i am not decorating for xmas but i am gonna get some suet and some seeds and decorate a tree in front of our windows so we can watch the birds.
happy times but cold times.
doll and bed
doll and bed

# Posted: 30 Nov 2015 21:48

i am making go with the beds.

Gary O
# Posted: 30 Nov 2015 22:03

Quoting: cabingal3
today the mister made doll beds for the little girls out here

Yeah, that's me, working feverishly to finish the 2nd crib before the sun goes away.
Notice the levis in the hind end area.
Not much left, is there?
These are six sizes smaller than what I wore in April....and are now baggy.

This choppin' wood gig is really payin' off.
Seriously, like a little kid, I'd be outside all day if I could.
Once temps reached the mid twenties, I was out.
And stayed out til dark.

# Posted: 30 Nov 2015 22:11

looking like a sagger mister.

AK Seabee
# Posted: 1 Dec 2015 20:07

Now you have me blushing Gary. I hardly consider my place gorgeous but I am working on it. The nicer I can make the cabin the happier the wife is. Call me old fashioned but I get a ton of joy out of pleasing the wife.

You are going to be super happy with the Honda. The only issue I have experienced with the Honda has been bad gas related. Add some Seafoam and all is well again.


Gary O
# Posted: 1 Dec 2015 20:22

Quoting: AK Seabee
Add some Seafoam and all is well again

Gotta remember this...
unfortunately, everything I mentally earmark goes 'poof' in
less time it takes to find pen and paper (27 minutes)



this is why old men mutter ('where's the consarned paper?!', 'what for, dear?'.....'crap, don't know')

Gary O
# Posted: 2 Dec 2015 07:40 - Edited by: Gary O

Y'know, since we've been living at the cabin, we've been getting some teasing and downright concerned inquiries from our town friends about using an outhouse fulltime.
We purty much don't pay no never mind, 'cause, heh, these concerned inquiries are coming from the same folks that crap in their house.

# Posted: 2 Dec 2015 09:21

Gar, you lose any more weight and you'll have to give up your Santa Claus gigs.

Gary O
# Posted: 2 Dec 2015 10:39

one word;

(it's an old pic.....but think I weigh less now anyway)

Gary O
# Posted: 4 Dec 2015 22:55

Angry Fire

Its burn season

Since moving to the cabin, we've managed to create seven (maybe eight) rather large slash burn piles.

Got our 2nd snow.
Perfect day
little to no wind

Go time

We chose the ugliest pile,
the one closest to the cabin.
The one with odd things (large garbage, OSB, weird wood, other, unmentionable stuff) piled on.

I'd learned a lesson last time we burned.
The wind picked up, and so did the flames.
Gonna say about 15-20 feet high (seemed higher).

Thing is, we didn't have large amounts of water
...just snow, and little of that.
Got a bit frantic
And scary

Today would be different.
We have snow, yes.
But we have water, lots and lots of water.
And tools, shovels, rakes, pitchforks, mattocks, you name it.

Started it on the lee side (let it creep to the other end) with gas/diesel mix.
Guess I'd made the perfect pocket, cause within minutes, it was working on being out of control.

At one point it seemed we couldn't pour enough water on it.
Couldn't see the pocket, couldn't get to the fire bed with water.
Finally pulled at it, even though it was tough to get in close.
Doused the flames, the red coals.
Had to do this every few minutes.
Never seen a fire like it.

It finally calmed down, and we had a nice time.

Gonna make 14 piles outta the 7 before we burn again.

Too old for all this excitement.

# Posted: 5 Dec 2015 08:56

I need to do a little burning but afraid to burn the joint down. Lol I will wait till we have a lot more snow then do it. There was a grass fire a week ago that was in a remote area that burned about 400 acres. There was about 2 inches of snow on the ground with bare spots but this started some how and burned very slow. They figure it may have been burning for a few days. It was a weird deal but it was so dry here this year I can believe it.
Did you roast dinner with all that fire? Lol

Gary O
# Posted: 5 Dec 2015 12:45

coulda, neb

sure coulda

# Posted: 5 Dec 2015 17:38

Hey Gary, poopin' is overated! All you need is a simple set up to answer nature's call!
Bet your pipes never clog!

Gary O
# Posted: 5 Dec 2015 23:58

so true
the only pipes that may ever clog are the personal ones

...and they don't either, out here

# Posted: 6 Dec 2015 07:28

we seem to sleep and wake up in 3 hour shifts and tend the fire.i wake up and grab a couple of jugs of water.never knew a fire could smolder so long.
then Gary O does the we got this covered.
now we woke up to snowing and later turning to rain.
so glad.

# Posted: 6 Dec 2015 15:32

well, fire excitement isn't always cool, but glad you had it covered.

# Posted: 6 Dec 2015 20:39

Wow! So happy for the rain and snow! For your fire situation and for the future, too! Here's to a drought-free new year!

You two are such a treasure! I'll bet the neighbors, especially the children, consider the day you moved into the neighborhood a lucky one, indeed! I'll bet Santa Gary and the Misses wouldn't even consider keeping a "naughty" or "nice" list! The children are going to be thrilled with their doll beds, blankets, toys, and, especially, with the kind presence you are in their lives!

# Posted: 6 Dec 2015 22:02

thank u Julie.we are having fun making the children fun things.
they are little special fun ones for sure.
hugs cabi

Gary O
# Posted: 8 Dec 2015 00:00

Sometimes this 'high desert' seems just like the Willamette (well I'm wet) valley, steady drizzle.
Kinda hate that since we moved.
Now used to all the sun.

Just finished burning a couple ugly slash piles.
So glad to rid them from our view.

After a day of burning, I trudged back t'ward the cabins with a cart load of tools, looked at all the tracks in the snow, then looked up.
The cabins, smoke wafting, sun peeking thru the made me feel good.

Ever so often, like just then, I get the 'we've got this' feeling, and get kinda smug.

Then I check the weather forecast....

That smug feeling is fleeting.

Oh, I s'pose I'll feel a bit more at ease once we weather a winter.
But that's the fun of it, not knowing, testing yer skills, yer metal.
Didn't know I had the metal for this.
Sure, a hard head, and some iron ore in my hind end, but didn't know if after a month or so something in that head would go 'this is bull #$%*&'.

Heh, nobody could run me off with a club.

As for tomorrow, it's back to the slash piles, then the wood ricks, and a TVA project to raise some low spots near the tarport where water has settled from melting snow and rain.

Heh, there's so much to do, so very much.

It's my candy.

# Posted: 8 Dec 2015 00:40

"Well I'm wet" --

They're not just wet these days; they're swimming. Poor Portland looks a mess.

Gary O
# Posted: 12 Dec 2015 23:31 - Edited by: Gary O

Well, we got our first test of winter conditions.

Heard a 'whump!'

Looked out

A diseased tree decided to give it up and land on our tarport.

Chain saw, ladder, 15-20 minutes later, and all is back to normal, less one tree.

Tarport is none the worse for wear.
Purdy sturdy, good engineering.

It's a wet snow right now.
About a foot...foot and a half has fallen in the last 24 hrs.

Driving conditions are a tad harrowing.

California drivers tryin' to get home
Semis going down the road sideways
Oncoming traffic deciding your lane is better

Causing sphincters to become involuntarily active

One becomes attentive, alert, wary

Summer driver face;

Winter driver face;

The Wrangler (our winter vehicle of choice) is getting a workout.

Snow is dropping off the laden trees ever few minutes.
Should be shell shocked by morning

game on

kinda Purdy though

some pics;

our country lane

where not to stand

where warm is

# Posted: 13 Dec 2015 15:23

wow, that truly was a heavy, wet snow! I'm so glad no damage was done when the tree fell. that said, the last photo just warms my heart. all the snow, and then you see the warm glow of comfort in your cabin. that's sweet living right there. I love your photos.

# Posted: 13 Dec 2015 19:31

That last photo is a Christmas card pic if I ever saw one! Beautiful!

But just what were you doing on the roads in treacherous conditions? Don't even make me worry about you two! I've a mind to come up there with some Texas cacti and start swatting! OK, truth be told, I just have more of a mind to come up to Oregon. That's home already; I feel like I'm in exile.

Wow, good job on engineering that tarport for it to withstand punishment like a fallen tree! I'm so glad you and Cabi are safe and warm! Hugs to you both!

Gary O
# Posted: 14 Dec 2015 00:22 - Edited by: Gary O

Thank you, ladies

Quoting: Julie2Oregon
But just what were you doing on the roads in treacherous conditions?

It seemed important before we got a few miles down the road...

It's always a relief peppered with joy to get a sunny day after a snow storm.

Had an agenda of things to do.


One of the first was to knock the snow off the tarport (a now twice daily chore).
Thing is, the snow was mixed with rain last night...all night.

Then it froze.

I noticed the roof was heavy with it after doing my normal poking from the inside.

Then a funny thing happened.

The tarport collapsed.

With me in it.

After discovering I wasn't hurt or killed, I became sick to my stomach.
This was before breakfast, so all was not lost.

My lovely wife, caring wife, offered me several 'look on the bright side' comments, even adding repair thoughts.
Felt like the father on Christmas Story when his leg lamp crumbled after trying to glue it back together.

Anyway, as they say, winter has a way of changing your plans.

Got out the ladder and scooped out the wet snow, shovel full by shovel full from the roof swale, or snowing pool.

Took a good part of the day.

Then jammed an extension ladder in the center, and a combination of step ladders on wagons, and rakes here and there.

Good as gnu.....sorta
my glued leg lamp;

It's always a relief peppered with joy to get a sunny day after a snow storm.

Oh, and in between shoveling, we trudged a mile or so down the lane to check on an old fella since the entire area has been without power for a couple days (we didn't know).

He's fine.

# Posted: 14 Dec 2015 05:55

Its Italian.

Glad your both ok.

Gary O
# Posted: 14 Dec 2015 07:32 - Edited by: Gary O

Quoting: martym
F R A G I L E Its Italian.


thanks, marty
we seem to survive these things physically, the mental adjustment takes awhile

In truth, the tubing frame design was nicely engineered.
Round is a very strong shape.
The final specified material, not so much.
Been in the middle of those switcheroo decisions.

Causes one to take up drinking...

# Posted: 14 Dec 2015 07:34

Glad your OK there Gary ! Hopefully you can salvage the Tarport without any huge problems.

Gary O
# Posted: 14 Dec 2015 08:10

Yeah, I'll do what I can to shore it up with dimensional wood.

...and now the cold
Gonna be 9 F tonight

We're deep into it now;

Winter; game/set

Not a match

Not yet


Not yet any means

Gary O
# Posted: 15 Dec 2015 10:35

Dec 15


That is all

Lookin' in

Lookin' out

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